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SIFIRDAN. From scratch: This is the meaning of our name. Because we want to produce, interpret and discuss them all from scratch.


It is claimed that no word is left unsaid in our ancient world. It may be an acceptable claim, yet it could still be questioned.


Do words not make sense anymore?


Or do we need a new way to make it sensible?


If the Earth continues to revolve, every word could be said in a new way, and everything could be re-processed.


We are tracking for these new words to rebuild our world. That is why ‘from scratch: To return to the zero point and start again, to get from zero to plus; to question, to reinterpret, to reproduce.

About Sıfırdan Publishing House


Sıfırdan Publishing House has started its journey in January of 2015 was founded based on “ethics, aesthetic, justice and love” concepts. 


It creates literary value, social benefits, and awareness via its books. According to these policies, each book has to have a reason and value for publishing. Acknowledging the healing power of art, it will continue its services to turn causes into beneficial effects.


Sıfırdan Publishing House is a member of the Turkish Publishers Association (TYB) and the Publishers Copyright&Licensing Society (YAY-BİR).

If you want to contact us, you could use this e- mail adress: 

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